Products & Technologies

Photoresist Coating

Photoresist Coating

Photoresist, spin on dielectric, and dopants

Photoresist Developer

Photoresist Developer

Aqueous, Solvent, and Aspirated solvent developers

Wafer on Tape Frame

Wafer on Tape Frame

Protect coat & clean for saw/dicing


Wafer Scrubber / Cleaner

High pressure and mechanical cleaning

Lift-off Systems

Metal Lift-Off

Heated solvent with metal recovery

Wafor Alloy Anneal

Wafer Alloy - Anneal

Economical Rapid Single wafer alloy

Optical Edge Bead Exposure

Optical Edge Bead Exposure

Programmable, multiple wave length capable

Planarized Coating

Closed Lid Co-Rotation Coater

Planarization of Thick Resist and Spin-On Dielectric

Utrasonic Coating System

Spray Coating

Ultrasonic technology

wafer sorter

Wafer Sorter

Traditional sorting with OCR

wafer inspector

Wafer Inspection

Bright Light Macro Inspection

Wafer Loader

Microscope Loader

Universal loader for most microscopes

Piezoelectric Wafer Processing

Minimize ESD during processing

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