Photoresist Coating

Photoresist, spin on dielectric, and dopants
Platform: P8000 | P9000

Photoresist Developer

Aqueous, Solvent, and Aspirated solvent developers
Platform: P8000 | P9000

Wafer on Tape Frame

Protect coat & clean for saw/dicing
Platform: P9000

Wafer Scrubber / Cleaner

High pressure and mechanical cleaning
Platform: P8000 | P9000

Metal Lift-Off

Heated solvent with metal recover
Platform: P8000 | P9000

Wafer Alloy - Anneal

Economical Rapid Single wafer alloy
Platform: P7000

Optical Edge Bead Exposure

Programmable, multiple wave length capable
Platform: P9000

Closed Lid Co-Rotation Coater

Planarization of Thick Resist and Spin-On Dielectric
Platform: P9000

Spray Coating

Ultrasonic technology

Wafer Sorter

Traditional sorting with OCR
Platform: S5000

Wafer Inspection

Bright Light Macro Inspection
Platform: V2000 V3000

Microscope Loader

Universal loader for most microscopes
Platform: V1020

Piezoelectric Wafer Processing

Minimize ESD during processing
Platform: 9000