Photoresist Coat

  • Spin on glass (SOG), dopants
  • Polyimide, BCB
  • Positive and negative resist
  • PMGI
  • PMMA

Photoresist and Spin-On Dielectric Planarization

  • Planarization of thick photoresist and spin-on dielectric
  • Polyimide, BCB
  • Closed bowl spinning, for reduced chemical consumption

Compound Wafer Alloy 

Low-Temperature Annealing and Sintering

  • Ohmic alloy
  • Resistor stabilization
  • Hillock formation reduction

Metal Lift-Off

  • Thin and thick metal lift off
  • Photoresist strip

Piezo Electric Wafer Processing

  • Controlled ESD processing

High Volume Manufacturing

  • Dual centralized robot capability
  • Wafer flip

Photoresist Develop

  • Positive or negative develop
  • Solvent spray, stream or aspirated

Spray Coating

  • Ultrasonic spray

Dry Thin Film Develop

  • Copper bump/pillar
  • Resist thicknesses exceeding 100um

Processing Wafers on Tape Frame and Hoops

  • Dice protection coat
  • Post dice clean & strip

Wafer Scrubbing and Cleaning

  • Water clean
  • Solvent clean
  • Brush clean

Bio Science

  • Medical sensors
  • Cancer detection
  • Peptide Synthesizing