At C&D, we provide a broad range of NEW spare parts for both C&D originated tools as well as the legacy SVG 81/86/88 systems. With over 20,000+ spare parts in our inventory, we’re confident that we can meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

If you are unable to locate the specific parts you require on the list, please do not hesitate to contact us.  You can provide us a part number with the description or photo. We will gladly assist you in finding them or manufacturing them. In many cases our spare parts are improvements over the original design.  Consider us your one-stop-shop for parts and new systems.  We can also provide service and installation of your purchased parts, service contract, PM contract and a recommended parts list for your specific tool. 

All inventory is carried locally in the SF Bay Area and available for quick shipment.


  • Spare Parts for C&D Brand Products
    • Full inventory for all C&D Brand Products (P7000/P8000/P9000/P9030/V1020/V2000/V3000/S5000/S5030)
    • Robot Pool
    • 24 hour response time during business hours
    • Full inventory carried at corporate HQ in San Jose
    • Limited inventory available through regional distributors
  • New spare parts for SVG style 81/86/88 legacy systems
    • Inventory of 200,000+ unique parts
    • Replacement parts for obsolete components
    • Upgrades 
  • Service, spare parts, PM contracts available