Lift-Off System

Metal Lift-Off System

C&D offers both the P9000 and P8000 Liftoff Systems, which are fully automated and designed for metal lift-off application. The cassette to cassette design offers a reduced overall system footprint. C&D uses a low pressure spray to soak the wafer for a programmed duration – this is followed by a high pressure fine needle spray. The programmed arm sweeps across the wafer to evenly lift off unwanted metal.

Our state-of-the-art liftoff module is highly versatile, and can be implemented with many different features to improve efficiency and capability. Up to 5 separate modules can be outfitted into a single P9000 cluster system to maximize throughput capability.

Lift Off Option:

  • Heated solvent

  • High Pressure Capability

  • Fire suppression

  • Multiple Dispenses including Spray / Stream

  • Diverting valve (solvent and water separation)

  • Electronic Precision Regulator