Metal Lift-Off System

C&D offers both the P9000 and P8000 Lift-off Systems, which are fully automated and designed for metal lift-off application. The cassette to cassette design offers a reduced overall system footprint. C&D uses a low pressure spray to soak the wafer for a programmed duration – this is followed by a high pressure fine needle spray. The programmed arm sweeps across the wafer to evenly lift off unwanted metal.

Our state-of-the-art metal lift-off module is highly versatile, and can be implemented with many different features to improve efficiency and capability. Up to 5 separate modules can be outfitted into a single P9000 cluster system to maximize throughput capability.

As with all of our other modules, C&D is able to fully customize our system and module capabilities to meet specific customer. Options include diverting drains for waste management, and reclaim collection containers to retrieve valuable metals taken off during the metal lift off processing.

For lower volume applications and smaller footprint restrictions, C&D also offers the metal liftoff system in a manual P9000 platform with single wafer loading. Our manual systems have all of the features of our fully automated liftoff module, but housed in a smaller footprint without a transfer robot.

Lift-Off Options:

  • Heated solvent
  • High Pressure Capability
  • Fire suppression
  • Multiple Dispenses including Spray / Stream
  • Diverting valve (solvent and water separation)
  • Electronic Precision Regulator