Optical Edge Bead Exposure

Ultraviolet Optical Edge Bead Removal System for Precise, Chemical-Free Operation


Introducing an alternative method to traditional chemical-driven edge bead removal, the Optical Edge Bead Exposure “OEBE” system is an independent module in the P9000 Coating & Developing System capable of exposing both flat and notched wafers quickly and efficiently. The exposure system utilizes a high intensity LED light source to generate a steady beam of 365nm wavelength, or a mercury arc lamp for other ultraviolet wavelength requirements.

Contained within its own module within the P9000, the OEBE system is equipped with an independent chuck and a motorized light source, allowing for precise exposure on various flat edges, as well as selected area exposures.

The optical edge bead exposure module itself is also equipped with additional secondary functions, such as wafer centering, notch/flat finding, and optional OCR reading.

Featuring high repeatability, elimination of messy chemical solvents, and greater EBR customization through C&D smartPro Recipe creation, C&D’s innovative OEBE is sure to improve your next process flow.