P8000 Advanced Linear Track System

The C&D P9000 Photoresist Coater & Developer Cluster System is designed to process 50mm to 300mm wafers. The P9000 can be equipped with a wide array of different modules, including multiple photoresist coaters or developers, vapor prime modules, hot plates, and chill plates. Specialized process modules are also available, including the use of optical centering and edge bead removal. C&D’s P9000 Cluster System is designed for flexibility and high throughput within a small footprint. The P9000 can be configured as a coater, developer, vapor prime, bake, chill or any variation, and can process a wide range of photoresist spin coating and photosensitive polymer applications.

C&D Specializes in custom photoresist coaters that are catered to specific customer requirements to increase efficiency and reduce costs. This means that we can reduce the footprint of the cluster system to fit even the most critical dimensions within a fab. On the other hand, tools can be customized with expansion bays for future implementation of additional modules or increase in substrate size due to increased demand or changes in project developments.

Many new innovations are being created at C&D, and they are all features highlighted within the C&D P9000 cluster system capabilities. Special modules, such as ultrasonic spray coating, the C&D revolutionary Synchrospin coating system, and many optical variants of traditional modules such as Optical Edge Bead Removal (OEBR) and Optical Centering.

P8000 Options

Coater Options

  • C&D Exhaust controller for precise process control
  • Fire suppression packages available
  • Temperature control photoresist and dispense
  • Additional backside rinses
  • Multiple Syringe dispenses capable
  • Multiple Pump dispenses capable
  • Multiple wafer sizes without hardware change
  • Round & Square substrates
  • Environmental control unit (ECU)
  • Custom Resist bottle caps

Developer Options

  • Temperature controlled Chemistry dispenses 
  • Multiple developers for separate chemistry
  • Solvent/Aspirated develop
  • Multiple nozzle options (Spray – Stream )

Hot Plates Options

  • Open hot plate (Standard)
  • Vacuum bake
  • Multiple wafer sizes without hardware change

      Chill Plate Options

      • Anodized Aluminum contact plate
      • Circulated Water
      • High-Efficiency Option
      • House water supply or Electronic Heating/Cooling Circulator

      • Multiple wafer sizes without hardware change

      Vapor Prime

      • Closed lid with chemistry purge
      • Sealed vacuum operation
      • Multiple wafer sizes without hardware change
      • Includes 1 gallon pressure canister for HMDS

      Scrubber Options

      • High pressure clean
      • Heated fluids
      • DI water doping for ESD control
      • Wafer scrub brushes – multiple options
      • Multiple chemical dispenses

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      Alloy Module

      • Process temperatures up to 500C
      • Closed lid operation
      • Integrated nitrogen cooling ring
      • Multiple purge gases through chemical manifold
      • Adjustable process height using programmable lift pins
      • Alternative to traditional RTA oven methods