Piezoelectric Wafer and Pyroelectric Wafer Processing System

The piezoelectric wafer bake module is designed to minimize electrostatic discharge from Lithium Niobate, Lithium Tantalate and other piezoelectric wafers during bake temperatures up to 200°C.  The hot plate ramp rate up and ramp rate down temperatures are precisely controlled by program to minimize ESD introduction and discharging during bake.  In addition, the wafer distance above the hot plate during bake has ascend and descend control.

The hot plate ESD prevention is built into the bake module. Specialty cooling methods are utilized to rapidly and precisely control the temperatures required from the strict processing constraints required for these piezoelectric wafers.

This technology can be a standalone manual baking system, or extended into coating, baking, developing within C&D’s P9000 cluster tools.