Spin Coater & Developer

Photoresist Coater & Developer

P9000 Cluster System

The P9000 photoresist coater and developer cluster system is a state-of-the-art tool that can be customized to meet the most demanding of process requirements. Designs are made with the customer in mind, with expandable number of modules and process capability for both small and large scale projects.

SVG 8x Track System

SVG 8x Track System

Tried and tested for decades, the SVG 8X Track systems have been the workhorses of the semiconductor industry for many years. These photoresist coaters feature no-nonsense, linear operation, and allow for high throughput at low cost.

P8000-10 Advanced Linear Track System

P8000 Advanced Linear Track System

A vast improvement of the SVG 8X tools of late, the C&D P8000 Advanced Linear Track System is a customizable linear photoresist coater that features a fully software controlled interface. An improvement over the traditional card cage control systems, the P8000 Linear Track features a fully digital C&D developed control box that is handled through a PC computer. The advanced SmartPro software makes recipe creation and reading machine status extremely easy. Software component exercise easily allows maintenance and engineers to take full control of every aspect of the tool including sensors and motors for diagnosis and training.


P8000/P9000 Copper Bump Developer

C&D Copper Bump developing was designed and integrated to tackle the extreme thicknesses involved with dry laminate processing. C&D has implemented many design improvements over a standard photoresist developer to increase efficiency and yield when long develop times and wafer uniformity are of utmost importance.