SynchroSpin­® Planarized Coating System

Closed Lid Co-Rotation Coater - Greater Planarization with Reduced Waste


C&D is proud to introduce the SynchroSpin­® Coating System as one of the customizable modules for our P9000 family of products designed for coating planarization, with a Patented design for BEBR functionality.

The coat bowl, spin chuck, and the coat bowl lid all spin in synchronization.  This co-rotation closed-lid coater results in near zero air turbulence inside the coat bowl which improves  coating planarization and greatly reduces chemical consumption.

The SynchroSpin­® Coating System is C&D’s state-of-the-art coating system variant that features the simultaneous rotation of both top and bottom of the closed-lid coat bowl for a more controlled environment in which the photoresist is spread across the substrate during the spin coating processes.

The specially designed coater insert is also equipped with a patented integrated backside automatic wash function. Our patented BEBR and disengaging capability features programmable recipe steps which can disengage the co-rotating base plate from spinning together with the spin chuck, allowing access to the backside of the wafer for cleaning and other processing steps. 

Used as a standalone coater, or together with other standard coater modules, your next P9000 tool will keep up with exacting requirements in today’s semiconductor industry.