Frame Processing Systems

P9000 Automatic/Manual Frame Coater & Processing System

The P9000 Frame Coater System is a software-controlled, pre-saw wafer coating and post-saw wafer cleaning system. The system features a high-performance spindle motor and high-precision stepper motor and can be operated in either auto or manual mode for thin wafers of different frame sizes.

C&D has developed specialized modules for handling wafers on both tape frame and expansion hoop rings, for processing substrates pre and post dice processing. C&D has developed special wafer handling solutions to transfer and spin wafers on tape frame and hoop rings simultaneously in the same tool. Specialized Wafer Clean & Coat Modules are designed as dual purpose, and can serve as a tape frame coater and a hoop ring cleaner, and can be outfitted with several kinds of chemical-mechanical agitation for wafer cleaning, including nitrogen aspirated spray.

Frame Processing Options:

  • Nitrogen blow off
  • Porous chuck
  • Frame edge clean
  • Custom cassettes
  • Hot plate ovens
  • Heated DI water
  • Chemical mixing systems
  • Aspirated heated DI water for cleaning
  • DI water doping for ESD control
  • Fire suppression
  • Diverting valve (solvent and water separation)