Wafer Microscope Wafer Loader

Wafer Micrscope Wafer Loader

V1000 Microscope Wafer Loader

V1000 Microscope Wafer Loader

The V1000 Microscope Loader is a computerized, recipe-driven, wafer-loading system that automatically loads wafers from the cassette onto the inspection platform of a microscope. The recipes, once created, are saved in the system’s database and can be selected for use from the system’s intuitive graphical user interface (GUI). The system is compatible with any microscope; its 515mm x 650mm footprint makes it easy to fit the Loader and microscope onto a table top.


V1020 Microscope Wafer Loader

The next generation V1020 Microscope Wafer Loader achieves higher throughput than the previous generation while maintaining C&D’s well-known standards of reliability and ease of use. The V1020 is designed to fully automate loading and unloading of wafers from cassette to the microscope stage for inspection. Along with being faster, the new generation V1020 comes with improved inspection features.