C&D Wafer Scrubber and Cleaning Module

Wafer Scrubber Module

The C&D Wafer Scrubber is a fully automatic cleaner designed to scrub with brush and/or high pressure arm, rinse, and spin dry substrates.

The brush and high pressure scrub operations are performed at a lower processing position while rinse, blow-off, and final dry operations occur at a middle spindle position in the chamber. This dual level spinning process and the large diameter process enclosure reduce splash and spray onto the substrate and the handling mechanism. Splash back onto the substrate is virtually eliminated.

The Scrubber module is also offered on both the P8000 Advanced Linear System, as well as the P9000 cluster system, and can be paired up with up to 5 Scrubber modules, for extremely high throughput requirements. The P9000 variant also features the use of digital spindle controllers and brushless motors, which allow for highly precise spin speeds, higher spin torque, and programmable brush forces.

Additional options for wafer cleaning include:

Nitrogen-aspirated spray cleaning nozzles, with the capability for digitally controlled nitrogen pressure.

Wafer Cleaner and Wafer Scrubber Options:

  • High pressure clean
  • Wafer scrub brushes – multiple options
  • Heated fluids
  • Multiple chemical dispenses
  • DI water doping for ESD control